About Us

SOS Children village is a private, non-profit, non political and non-denominational welfare organization. The goal of SOS Children’s Villages is to offer orphaned and abandoned children, regardless of race, nationality or creed, a permanent home and to prepare them for an independent life. SOS children villages pursue these goals with fully qualified and highly committed staff.

SOS History

  • 1970: SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica was founded with the initiative of Dr. Harland Hastings, Mr. John Rollins and Prof.  Heinz Simonitsch.
  • 1971: The first 3 family houses were constructed in Barrett Town, Montego Bay.
  • 1972: On the 26th of November the children’s village at Barrett Town, Montego Bay, had its first registration.
  • 1982: The second children’s village had ground breaking in October in Stony Hill, Kingston.
  • 1984: Between February and October, 8 family houses were occupied in Stony Hill.
  • 1993: In Kingston, the Boys’ Youth Facility opened with 9 occupants.
  • 1995: In September, the Kindergarten in Stony Hill, Kingston, started classes serving the village and the local community.
  • 1996: In Barrett Town, Montego Bay, the academic year began for the new Jane Veira Kindergarten.
  • 1998: Dr. Harland Hastings, co-founder of SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica, passed away
  • 2000: In Montego Bay, a renovated house was opened as a Youth Facility accommodating 10 to 12 boys. Mr. John Rollins, co-founder and Mrs. Doris Hugh, Board Member, passed away.
  • 2002: The new SOS Hermann Gmeiner Prep School began operations with grades one to three.
  • 2003: Official opening of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner school and signing of agreement between SOS-Kinderdorf International and the Government of Jamaica.
  • 2004: First Jamaican appointed as National Director.
  • 2007: Two new family houses and a duplex was constructed at the village in Barrett Town, Montego Bay.
  • 2009: Additional Boys’ Youth Facility opened in Kingston.

New Site Launch

Greetings to you and your family from all of our children, especially your sponsored child, Staff and the Board of Directors of SOS Children’s Villages of Jamaica Foundation. In our constant effort to provide the best care for our children, we continue to train our Mothers and Aunts as well as[...]